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Sandy made this design on the eigth of Febuary (it includes 21 shapes!) I call this his Thin Shape Experiment, because of the thin triangles it uses in the tree.

Usually septagons in the sky look like moons to me, but in this case I'm not sure if this blue creature is tubing under a sun or a moon. Would a blue shape with rays be a sun or a star? To learn the answer, please experiment and send me the design.

Sandy made this design in early Febuary. He is showing that he can make a recognisable design (I can't see anyway of looking at this as something other than a dog).

This is a design Melissa Lage-Michael made one day when math class was interupted by a senior trip meeting.

My mother spent half an hour on this design after dinner the Thursday before my birthday. There are 31 shapes in this design, and it appears my mother didn't experiment with changing depths at all.

This is a disign my mentor for the computor side of this project, Casey Alt, made on January 11.

This is called advertising. I want it to remind anyone who sees it that they too can create a design and have it posted on this webpage.

This is a design Sandy made after only a month of proding from me and a lesson on how to type an email address correctly. This design is meant to represent a table lamp, though it can also be seen as a potted mushroom or an upside down flower in a blue pot.

My father made this design one night while taking a break from packing for a trip to India.

This is the second design I made to test the program. I mainly used it as a test to see if I should have stars in the palette.

This is the first design I made to test out the program. Its called lion man because I think the green pentagon looks like a lions mane.

This is the first design made after the final color desisions (I still had only two of the selected colors loaded into the program).

Rocket is a design I made one afternoon in late November while testing how many shapes would go on the palette without crashing the program.

This is the last design I made with the wrong fabrics. When I look at it, it reminds me of the Calvin and Hobbes riding their wagon off the cliff at the bottom of the hill, but my brother tells me this looks nothing like that.